Erotic Tales of the City Short #2: Against the Wall

The main female character, Amanda, stands in a garterbelt, stockings, heels, and ruffly bra. She is pale skinned and redhaired.

A picture of the cover of the erotic short called “Against the Wall.”

Tom and Amanda are married with children; their old D/s days are over, but the fire has never gone out of their passion. Teasing each other mercilessly, on a special night out to celebrate their friends’ engagement, they forget about propriety and try their hand at might-get-caught sexytimes.

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Erotic Tales of the City by Gwydion Fireheart

fireheart press Erotic tales of the city

Fireheart Press announces “Erotic Tales of the City” An erotic anthology: fallen BDSM priests, a wallflower college student blossoming with public sex, buddy booth voyeurs, dirty talking couples age playing in bed, public sex hidden anonymous mutual masturbation, and hot monogamists recalling their Master and slave youth. This anthology has a number of stories written by Gwydion Fireheart, a Clean Sheets contributor and erotic author living in the South but who loves Manhattan.

Stories include:

Sacrament, a tale of a fallen girl and a defrocked priest who finds deliverance in her submissive penitence.
wall/flower, a tale of a bored college woman’s coming of age and coming to grips with her kink
Masks of Masks, a tale of a complicated love triangle in the digital age
Afterglow, a story told between two lovers in bed that sparks their age play
Transit Story, a story of two lovers masturbating each other on a city bus
Against the Wall, a story of a Master and slave couple of many years having sex at a friends’ party
Holy Fuck, a story of two friends who, through their roleplaying game, discover a new kind of love for each other