The Pink Collar Part 1: Descent into Innocence

A picture of a co-ed standing in an old-fashioned library with a fireplace. She is blonde in pigtails and is wearing a pink backpack, a short plaid schoolgirl skirt, frilly socks and maryjanes.

Cover for The Pink Collar Park 1 by Psyche Fireheart

When Emma Layton won a scholarship to Solsbury College in Vermont, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. Life at school provided her with the opportunity to explore new experiences, part of which were to investigate her inner, unexpressed kinky desires at a place called Forbidden, which is where she met The Captain, a Daddy Dominant who takes her well in hand and begins to teach her what it is to be a submissive and a babygirl.

This story is the beginning of a series of stories following Emma through her exploration of the DD/lg kink. 

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