in The Pink Collar

The Pink Collar Part 2: Embracing the Fire

An image of the cover of Pink Collar 2: Embracing the Fire showing Emma, relaxing in a babydoll nightie, holding on to a teddybear.

The Captain is a prominent figure in the local BDSM scene and Emma, a Freshman at Solsbury College, has caught his eye. Things go astray when his former slave of many years returns to his life. Life is complicated enough for an 18 year old who has never experienced the kink and the desire of the dungeon called Forbidden, how can she reconcile her jealousy and her need for the Captain’s attention? Will trust and love win out? She must find a new path, and embrace the fire within her.

This book is set in the Fireheart universe (sharing the same background as Pink Collar 1 and Grown Up Little Girl 1). It is available for free through Kindle Unlimited here.

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