Submissive Challenge for M

I wrote this challenge for my ex-submissive M. It required her to take pictures for me in answer to riddles.

For M*, of midnight hair,
I’m wishing to be very fair
So hunt down the clues
And try not to lose,
See if you can win the dare!

Each of 5 clues require, in toto
For you to submit a photo
Each naked shot a delight
For your Dom, only’s sight
It’ll be like he’s won the lotto!

One chance per pic you will get
To satisfy your Sir’s lusty whet
For if you choose wrong
You’ll not just get the gong
No, you will have just lost the bet!

Although it might make him dread
To go a week without bread
It’s for his good health, right?
And you may tease every night
That, carb-light, he won’t end up dead!

Or if instead you have caught
And given the wrong sort of shot
You’ll lose the bet,
And understand yet
You’ll then have to do what’s hot!

Embarrassing though it may be
Your breasts are a work of beauty
You’ll show the whole Fet fest
Your bare naked breasts
With “Gwydion’s” written all blue-y!!

And yet, dear M*, don’t fear
The answers are held close and dear
By a third party who’s fair
And in on the dare
So you can trust it’s all in the clear!


Success! M* is 1/5 to succeed in her challenge.

This was the clue for today:

The first of these will try
And send your eyes up high
Out, up there in space
Twirling ere’ heavenly grace
Previously we’ve only flown by!

To Herschel’s discovery we go
A place with ammonia snow
You’ll know the clue’s right
When you put a light
Where previously sun did not show!



Uranus (your anus) 🙂




Clue 2

While dancing the Folies Bergere
Miss Bourgeois showed her savoir faire
Her legs were astounding
Her fan’s attention abounding
At her feet they’d perpetually stare.

Now obviously we’re talking footwear
But not just any sort of pair
Miss Tinguette made them famous
Though they’re today worn, shameless
By those who love feet in the air!


Stiletto heels


Clue 3

There were once twin students named Lyn
Who were, though corny, all friends
They opted (call it run)
And avoided the fun
Whenever the world offered sin!

These twins were bright and shiny
Dressed, often, in colorful finery
Lazy at times, you’d think
They’d jump up, quick as a wink
To gaze upon a nice hiney




Clue 4

On the isle of Cyprus tis’ said
That Love is worshiped instead
Of Crosses and Stars,
They all hang out in bars,
And play in the arbours abed!

Though that may be slang,
Hear now my harangue
If you get it right first
Your lips will not purse
And things will go off with a bang!


Answer: vulva (slang term: “Cyprian Arbor” – google it! )


Clue 5

Through Roman times til today,
Kids have had a sassy to say,
Though sometimes a student
Would say something imprudent,
A bridle would help them say NEIGH!

While you may be quite young,
This riddle has been lots of fun
Now cuteness and wit,
And this for you, sure as shit,
Will help you holding your tongue!


Sub-lingual frenulum (I know, hard!)


She won!